Tenet ★★★

It’s funny, watching Nolan do James Bond/Mission Impossible (sure with a sci-fi twist, but that’s just window dressing on the spy-jinks - that final battle is just the volcano attack in You Only Live Twice in reverse and with less ninjas), I can’t decide which is more juvenile in its approach to sex: old Bond’s macho, leering posturing, or Nolan’s utterly sexless seriousness. I know which I think is more fun, and it ain’t Nolan, despite the impressive craft on display.

I do really like Washington and Pattinson and Debicki, every 50 minutes or so they get to briefly act like humans and there’s suddenly a little bit of charm in this machine. It’s too bad though that the time reversal gimmick (like the gimmick in Inception) strips every action scene of any heft or visceral fun.

All this work for something that isn’t half as cool as Spike Jonze’s Pharcyde video.

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