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  • Black Samurai

    Black Samurai


    I’m pretty sure Jim Kelly tried to punch a bird in the dick in this movie. Birds mostly don’t have dicks, but he damn well tried his best.

    [Alamo Season Pass]

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  • 25th Hour

    25th Hour


    More Spike Lee! Great little character piece - reminds me how much I miss seeing Ed Norton in a lot of movies. Some random thoughts:
    1. Rosario Dawson is 🔥 in this. 

    2. The Wire came out in June 2002 and this came out in December 2002, but I don’t know the production timing. So when was the first time Isiah Whitlock Jr. busted out his trademark “Sheeeee-it”?

    3. The scene where they look down into the WTC Ground Zero…

  • Trava: Fist Planet

    Trava: Fist Planet



    This lower-key quasi-prelude to the buck-wild Redline (the main characters here are among the racers in Redline) has much more of a hangout vibe, as the leads bicker and only occasionally fight giant robots. I really dug the voice work, felt like a comedy duo who’d been working together for years - just happy to ride along with the flow.

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  • The Perfection

    The Perfection


    I am genuinely uncertain whether what I just watched was terrible terrible, or hilariously awesomely terrible. And I'm not sure if the director and cast know either. But I wasn't bored.

    I attended a screening with a Q&A from director Richard Shepard and stars Alison Williams and Logan Browning, and Shepard said the film was shot in 24 days, cheap and fast, from an idea he developed himself for Williams, and that seems about right. Shepard also said his inspiration…

  • The Lighthouse

    The Lighthouse


    This was so my jam. Dafoe invoking florid and elaborate maritime curses upon Pattinson for the latter’s denial of his epicurean skills with crustaceans may be my new favorite Dafoe. Pattinson is there visually, but every time he opens his mouth you can’t help but compare him to Dafoe, who makes a four course meal out of every line.

    Every year a film comes around to remind me how beautiful black and white can be. This is like the best…