A Time for Drunken Horses

A Time for Drunken Horses ★★★½

A Time For Drunken Horses is a realistic portrayal of harrowing struggle of children in the harshest conditions of life. The film is rather brute and unflinching in its approach. It quickly moves from character to story and continues to enhance both as it proceeds. The essence of this film is survival. Yet the film makes us watch the children's harshest decisions and does not reveal the same with its resolving conflicts. The whole film gives a feeling of impending doom to innocents and the film ends just like that.

The image style is simple and unadorned. The images speak indeed for themselves. This story tells us not only how people live in that region of the globe, showing their customs and culture, but also how poverty and hardness cannot untie there the bonds of love. The documentary like handheld filmmaking is grim at its core with focussing on the children into an abyss of child labour. The cinematography was fantastic in the snow covered landscapes. The actors who were inexperienced like all in Iranian cinema but they seem much mature in their roles due to the realism. The film presents life without embellishments, without makeup, without fairy tales. It is life as it really is.