Dune ★★★★

'This is only the beginning.'

I got Zendaya baited. This movie is really hard to rate after just one viewing. I really enjoyed it but also had some problems with it. I loved a lot about this film - the visuals, the cinematography, the music, the cast, the epic scale of it. It's beautiful and mesmerizing. I will always appreciate a movie that can transport you into a whole new world like that. It spends a lot of time on worldbuilding which is fine and interesting. But I felt like there wasn't enough story itself for a 2.5 hours movie. It was very simple, you can sum it up in a few sentences and it was all a setup for a much bigger story and more movies. I'm still not sure that it works as a single standalone movie so I really hope that we get more and see the full story. Hard to judge a movie when there's no payoff and future installments are up in the air. The world itself is great, beautiful and interesting but we could use more story and action. I also felt like the movie lacked a little in the emotional aspect - I didn't always feel the emotional connection with the story and characters. But there's a big chance that it grows on me with subsequent viewings like Blade Runner 2049 did. And the rating might go up as well, really need to see it again. And want to see it again, just like Part 2. And my god, this movie is beautiful, proper cinematic experience.

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