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  • Pixie



    Olivia Cooke will make anything watchable.

  • Malcolm & Marie

    Malcolm & Marie


    Definitely not for everyone but I enjoyed it. Beautiful black & white cinematography and visual style. It reminded me of a stage play and I guess you have to like Zendaya and John David Washington to be invested in them talking & fighting for 2 hours - but they were both amazing. It might be a tad bit too long and it doesn't always connect on the emotional level. But in the battle of black & white movies about the movie industry - Malcolm & Marie > Mank, all day, every day.

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  • Tenet


    Exciting Nolan turns into an exhausting one here. It feels like he first came up with the gimmick he likes and then tried to create a plot around it. It didn't work, the story - like the whole movie - is underwhelming. It's interesting in the 1st act and gets you invested (great opening scene in the opera), then loses steam in the 2nd act and never gets it back and by the 3rd act (when I was already a…

  • Brothers by Blood

    Brothers by Blood


    By the end of this movie, I was as sick and tired of this whole thing as Schoenaerts' character. Nothing that interesting happens throughout the entire film and it's only elevated by good performances from Schoenaerts and Kinnaman.