Promising Young Woman

Promising Young Woman ★★★★

First of all, this film is expertly executed. Claira called it "Bubble Gum Fuck You" which is a great way to put it. The contrast with the girly world Cassandra lives in and the actions she's taking perfectly embody the facade she presents. I also think the men in this movie are oddly believable despite being caricatures. It strikes a good tone overall, keeping the seriousness of its subject matter front and center, but allowing for humor at the right person's expense.

I was expecting Carey Mulligan to be great and I wasn't disappointed. I felt like we were missing her for a few years, I'm glad she's back and getting Oscar buzz for this. I wasn't expecting, however, how great the supporting cast would be! I especially enjoyed Sam Richardson, Bo Burnham, and Laverne Cox.

I understand and agree with the criticism that this isn't made for assault survivors. Its target audience is men who don't quite understand consent, though its subject matter likely turns away those people. In that sense, it's a thought provoking movie for those who are upset about rape culture but haven't experienced assault themselves. I should fall into this category, but even for me it was quite triggering as many of the situations resembled stories that have happened to friends of mine. It's shocking how many stories I have heard at this point.

I'm still processing it all, these are my initial thoughts. I understand now why this movie is so divisive, and I feel like I can't come down one fully way or another, as I struggle internally with it. It's been a few hours and I'm still not in a regular headspace. Really impressed by Emerald Fennell!

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