Daisies ★★★

Visually quite cool, but somewhat empty?

Its actually pretty entertaining watching these two ladies play with men’s hearts, trash restaurants, and eat ridiculous amounts of food. I couldn’t figure out if I found them cute or annoying, probably a bit of both.

It feels, for better and for worse, like a student film. It’s quite technically impressive, and additional points go out to it for being this radical and weird in the mid-60s. I haven’t gotten too into the Czechoslovakian New Wave, but I did enjoy Closely Watched Trains. It seems more radical than the French New Wave, having very little plot and playing with colors and visual styles a little more, though it’s hard to say some of Jean Luc Godard’s later films aren’t way out there.

Watch it if you’re curious, it is only 75 minutes, but I don’t think I’ll give it a rewatch.

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