Signs ★★★★

An alien invasion film on a small scale experienced through a family who have suffered through a personal tragedy. This is a personal, emotional film that's underrated in m night shyamalan film and doesn't get attention as much as his previous films and some critics and audiences might find this boring, I think this is a solid film. This is a film that has a briliant score from james newton howard, has some excellent cinematography and very well directed. The cast are all.briliant and this film has such good themes about family and belief and looking for miracles and faith. The title of the film can refer to not just the crowd circles but mel Gibsons character and his loss of belief and faith and the human condition of looking for hope and signs in everyday life.
A film that has moments of tension and a unnerving atmosphere through out.
This also features one of the best jump scares in a film I've ever seen.

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