The Scary of Sixty-First

The Scary of Sixty-First

David Ehrlich will never see this but if he did he would give this five stars and call it "the next big female indie breakout following in the footsteps of Shiva Baby". There's no reason to check this out.

I will say, Dasha and I probably agree on most stuff politically more than we don't, and what this is saying about the obsession with conspiracies as a way to make sense and give structure to a chaotic and awful world where capitalism allows atrocities to be committed daily isn't bad, but the obfuscation of that conclusion and being completely inpenetrable to anyone but super online twitter marxist means there's kind of nothing here for me.

And if you like it, great, it's way less edgy than it wants to present itself as and none of the politics are really disagreeable. More than anything I'm happy to recognize that this style of being and auteurship (there's nothing more annoying to me than acting like a woman with connections to alot of powerful people in the indie film and art world is somehow radical and speaking truth to power when she's intrinsically part of that power) just isn't for me and I can just ignore it from now on.

Also, weird to think about how this is tied to the really cool new york indie film scene what with people like Jason Grissell and Betsy Brown being in it, and how that's a scene that none of the people who watch this for red scare will ever check out or care about.

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