Don't Look Now ★★★½

Using dread, grief, and a constant sense of uneasiness, Don't Look Now is certainly an experience. The editing is something I will have to wrap my head around. The constant intercutting of images really messes with the timeline, and flashback/flashforwards are used a lot, so 100% attention is absolutely needed. Both Sutherland and Christie (who I'm developing a major crush on) are excellent. I really enjoyed that even though the tragedy starts the movie, these characters are clearly still one unit in the early parts. They communicate, they are together, and it is over the course of the their time in Venice (which looks so unromantic) that they start to fall apart, mostly through Sutherland's stubborn choices. Roeg has an interesting directorial style, and I can see that not meshing with certain people. But he fills many scenes with an unnerving atmosphere, and as someone trained by horror movies (many of which are probably heavily influenced by this movie) to always expect the worst, Don't Look Now tapped right into that feeling. And of course the big reveal is no less shocking nearly 50 years later.

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