Love Exposure

Love Exposure ★★★★★

Watchlist 2018

Okay. That's it. This is the greatest film I have ever seen.

I'm struggling to use words to describe the experience I just had. So much happens in the 237 minutes of Love Exposure, my mind is melting just trying to cobble together some sort of coherent review. Driving with a frantic, wild, joyous intensity, the film may last just under four hours, but it never has a boring SECOND. Not ONE.

I mean yes, it's incredibly dumb. In fact, it may be the dumbest film I've yet watched. No characters have any understandable motivations. Things just happen for the sheer spectacle of happening. But that's the point, see? It's fun - pure unadulterated fun - and it's not apologetic about how stupid it can get. It embraces its own ridiculousness and whips out escalation after escalation with reckless abandon.

I'm not going to be able to watch movies for months. Literally everything else pales in comparison. It's not like I want more Sion Sono. I just... need to let the power of time cleanse my film-going palate.

It feels dirty using the term 'epic' to describe a film that's so... well, dirty, but that's the perfect term for it. Love Exposure is an epic.

Holy shit.

P.S. The match-cut between protagonist Yu’s erection and the erection of Jesus’ cross is the best match-cut in history. Screw 2001.

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