The Departed

From a recent Twitter rant I posted:

I really think The Departed is a real miracle of a movie. From everything I know, production was an absolute clusterfuck, and it's an absolute miracle anything coherent came out the other end. It's pretty clear the movie is barely held together. That it's not only one of Scorsese's most commercially successful films, but that it's the movie that won him the Oscar is a testament to what a wizard he is as a director, and to what a magician Schoonmaker is as an editor. There are scenes in this movie that have Matt Damon lines that are not even the lines he is speaking in the scene jump-cut with reaction shots from other moments in the scene. You can tell they were barely scraping the coverage together. Other plot threads (like Vera Farmiga moving in with Damon) are told completely out of order in order to better track the character arcs, but make next to no sense narratively. And yet we so firmly identify with what's happening we don't care. The movie is a giant fuck you to the idea of continuity both in narrative and in form and its argument is so genuinely persuasive that nobody noticed.

Also two other observations:
Matt Damon is truly great when he's playing scum of the Earth.
The rat in the last shot is perfection and I will hear no arguments otherwise.