Inferno ★★★★½

Atmospherically this has to be, in my opinion at least, Argentos best movie. The entire thing feels like some crazy walk through a beautiful, burning, black magic filled, cat infested haunted house. The score was an absolute banger as well, but I've learned to expect that from movies directed by this Italian legend. Suspiria is one of my all time favorites and I just recently learned that they are both part of this "Three Mothers" trilogy.

Although I've technically seen Inferno before I literally couldn't remember a single part of it. It must have been one of those movies I watched at like 3am and just ended up passing out during. So I decided to mark it unwatched and to give it another go. I'm definitely glad I did. I feel like this movie isn't talked about nearly as much as some of the other big names in Argentos filmography which is disappointing. It definitely deserves similar recognition in comparison to some of those other titles. It's awesome and definitely gets a recommendation from me.

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