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This review may contain spoilers.

2nd Viewing
What hit me first this time was when Rocket holds hands with Nebula. I didn’t even remember that from my first viewing but that was a beautifully gutting moment between two of the most callous/tough characters that immediately let’s us know how painful this is for our characters.

In fact, the seriousness and drama of this movie is the biggest thing I took away this time. It certainly has a lot of laughs and is tons of fun, but it’s also easily the most dramatic and darkest of the MCU movie. One of my main detractors from loving a lot of this universe is the imbalance between comedy and drama but in Endgame the comedy never undercuts a serious moment that should remain serious and not every character is making jokes consistently. I felt that they nailed the balance.

My second viewing also hit me about 3000x harder than my first. I definitely cried the first time but this time was easily the most I’ve ever cried in a movie lol And I DIDNT BRING TISSUES!!

I was uncontrollably sobbing out nerd tears while simultaneously smiling for the entirety of “On Your Left”/The Avengers Assemble/First part of the battle all the way up through when Tony reunited with Peter. And I didnt even cry during ANY of that the first time!!!!! Lol it was proudly my nerdiest/sweatiest moment. Jon Schnepp would’ve been proud. And then from “I Am Ironman” until the end of Tony’s hologram it was just a steady flow of tears. By the end my sleeves were drenched with snot and tears. 

After this watch, I have no hesitation in saying Endgame is not only easily my favorite MCU movie or superhero movie, but also has joined my top 5 favorite movies ever. This movie means the world to me. I started writing to explain why but since I’ll probably be seeing this many times in the theater, I’ll save my more personal write-up for a later viewing.

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