Promising Young Woman

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This review may contain spoilers.

I had no idea what the film actually was besides a general outline, and my god that was such a good way to watch it. Its extremely authentic in its timeliness, and is something everyone needs to watch because it shows something we don't talk nearly enough about, and has plenty of accurate messages, but also enough movie magic to please an audience. It was freaking genius the way it ends up for her with her literally being physically silenced, and the white boy being consoled saying he didnt do anything wrong, like holy fuck that was so genius in its accuracy of how these things unfortunately end up a lot of the time. She obviously had the backup plan, and I'm not sure what the ending actually means yet, but it could be how the way cops and the justice system fails in general until there's an actual body and it's too late but yeah either way this shit was very powerful and important. The film is also just authentic in its depiction of all these people like you have the annoying "makeup is unnecessary men" because they think everything a woman does is about them, the "nice guys", the white privilege frat boys, and the women who are like those somehow themselves sexist towards women and do whatever for man's approval which are basically like the modern Trump supporter suburban white women. This film absolutely deserves major Oscar noms, and especially best actress. I said " Holy shit" or any other variation of disbelief approximately one hundred times during this.

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