Chris has written 12 reviews for films rated ★★★★ .

  • Dark Waters

    Dark Waters


    A film that will make you throw out all your frying pans. I’d criticise Teflon, but it wouldn’t stick.

  • Fyre



    Roll up! Roll up! And watch terrible things happen to the worst people in the world. 2019’s greatest horror film. So far.

  • Deadpool



    The Shit-Spackled Muppet Farts Take Manhattan.

  • Black Panther

    Black Panther


    I’ve. Gone. And. Done. It. Again.

  • The Florida Project

    The Florida Project


    I’m sure I’ve seen a better performance from a child actor than Brooklynn Prince’s in this movie. But I’m damned if I can recall what that performance may be.

  • Bowfinger



    There’s a very strong case to be made for this being the last great Steve Martin comedy, AND the last great Eddie Murphy comedy. Deliciously daft, and filled with throwaway jokes about Hollywood that seem alarmingly prescient. And the freeway sequence is an all-timer.

  • Coco



    Not peak Pixar - Peaxar? - but still a lovely, inventive film. Didn’t make me cry, though, so perhaps I’m already dead.

  • Addams Family Values

    Addams Family Values


    Revisited this little gem for the first time since it came out back in the day. Gloriously dark stuff, including at least two gags I can’t believe they got away with. MVPs: Ricci, Cusack, and the dearly missed Raul Julia.

    I miss good Barry Sonnenfeld films.

  • Molly's Game

    Molly's Game


    Smart people being smart and saying smart things good. My kind of movie.

  • Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle

    Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle


    Second time around. Unofficially adding a star to my Empire review. Terrific fun. Much better than you’d expect.

    Quick question: how does Jack Black’s hair get lighter during the course of the movie? HMM? RIDDLE ME THIS.

  • A Bronx Tale

    A Bronx Tale


    Revisited De Niro’s directorial debut tonight, after I caught the Broadway musical the other week. Yes, there’s a Broadway musical version of A Bronx Tale. Yes, De Niro And Chazz Palminteri are involved. No, it ain’t half bad.

    Always had a soft spot for this movie. Diet Scorsese, sure, but for me feels so authentically Noo Yawk. Only issue now after seeing the musical is that I kept expecting the characters to burst into song. 

    Oh, and Bobby - can…

  • Table 19

    Table 19


    Saw this again tonight. Sweet, surprising, quietly moving little gem, with solid turns from a good cast (Kendrick, Kudrow, Merchant, Robinson, Squibb, Revolori). Don’t understand the negative reviews. I think it was a wise man called Chris Hewitt who gave it four stars in Empire magazine. Listen to that man. He is a fine man and he knows the score.