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  • He Got Game

    He Got Game


    There is no film director with an affinity for the sport of basketball quite like Spike Lee. So it stands to reason that eventually he would make this kind of movie. He Got Game is almost a play at a reverse Field of Dreams. Basketball is the love that connects even the most destroyed of father-son relationships.

    In this film, we get a taste of Denzel Washington in a somewhat antagonistic role, which we'd fully see a few years later…

  • The Silence of the Lambs

    The Silence of the Lambs


    This was only my second viewing of this iconic film. I always try to find different things, learn something new, and see different perspectives upon further viewings. That occurs best when removing the shock value of a first viewing.

    The Silence of the Lambs is very much Clarice Starling's (Jodie Foster) movie. Jonathan Demme, called by many "the master of the close-up", uses that to put us through her viewpoint, as she encounters discomfort, uneasiness, and misogyny as a hotshot…

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  • Inside Llewyn Davis

    Inside Llewyn Davis


    "'Clean Asshole Poems', Orlovsky. Then, acted. The Brig. Three weeks on that show. Could've been more. Cops closed it."

    Previous reviews: 2019 || 2020

    Not all movies have to be an inspiring success story. Failure seems more realistic. Falling flat is realistic. It's more relatable and that's why Inside Llewyn Davis is a fantastic film.

    Oscar Isaac's Llewyn Davis is one of the characters I relate to the most in any novie ever. Carey Mulligan threw the best lines of this movie. Sass personified.

    A comfort film for me.


    2013 Ranked: #4
    My Top 100 of the 2010s: #14

  • Parkland



    Parkland covers the chaos of JFK's assassination from a unique perspective. More like, the perimeter of the much documented tragedy.

    This film has a great ensemble cast. Plenty of familiar faces, divided in to all sorts of parts, constantly moving around. No one is really a lead. There is no arc to follow. Some of the writing can fall into campy.

    While most of the surrounding characters are unmemorable (except Zapruder and the Oswald's brother), the idea was to portray…

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  • Annihilation



    I will always highly rate sci-fi films that require good brain usage. Alex Garland has been known to write and direct a good amount of these. This is no exception.

    Annihilation mixes such thought-provoking sci-fi and horror to present us with this unique story of otherworld visitors. It's a rather slow burn, but that's one of the things I like most about it. Quite colorful and artsy. High on the science, which is something I can always appreciate.

    Great performance by the ensemble cast led by Natalie Portman.



  • Spencer



    I will always highly score "biopics" that aren't formulaic.

    It's seldom when haunting and heartbreaking looked so beautiful and was so quiet. Spencer is a brief, yet implosive portrait of a particular moment of Diana Spencer's life in royalty when the walls were closing in, even in the happiest time of the year.

    What makes the performance of Kristen Stewart so riveting is, not the aggressive and dramatic moments (of which there are very few), but the quiet expressions. You…