WALL·E ★★★★½

The cutest character in cinematic history? Perhaps.
Wall-E is a trash compactor and the only thing left on Earth (apart from his friend a cockroach) until one day he discovers new life on Earth, a plant. A probe called Eve is sent to earth to take the plant back and forms a friendship with Wall-E.
This film might be peak in terms of what I recognise Pixar for doing. Appealing to all different audiences through the same medium. The film doesn’t rely on characters or interaction in a standard fashion. The two lead characters only say theirs and each other’s names so that’s the limit we know we’re getting. But the amount of personality they convey just through this is staggering, they’re such likeable and cute characters you can’t help but root for them. They’re effectively key in saving the world, through the plot following around all of the humans who have left earth all becoming slothful of the planet they once inhabited. A complete allegory for the state of the world portrayed though a capitalist outlook but shown more through glamour as an opposed economical downfall. After basing most of the last film in water Pixar went for space this time around and it looks very nice (still) and it’s very different from what they’ve done before, and with a more sci-fi theme and setting they’ve obviously taken a lot of influences from other things, most notably 2001, but you’ll see them as you go. So yeah. This film says a hell of a lot, but it’s very charming and cute whilst it does it, I think it’s fantastic.
Wall-E is another win for Pixar, I need to do plenty of rewatches of their stuff but this is another animation masterpiece from one of the leaders.


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