Raiders of the Lost Ark

Raiders of the Lost Ark ★★★★★

Nothing like some good ol indy to start off the summer movies. Goodness gracious where to start. I've seen this film more times than I can count. I'm so glad my parents had good taste in films and they let me watch these and have nightmares from them when I was young. Haha. All jokes aside this film is the adventure action extravaganza that started it all. All the stereotypes we see today I'm cinema when it comes to adventure movies came from this movie. And I think I understand why. There is so much to like about this movie. Indy is a cocky but also distant man whose obsession with treasure forces him to get himself involved with psychotic nazis with the ill intent to use said treasures which might also have some unbelievable power for evil. (I mean duh their nazis) mariam is a strong female who wants to fulfill her father's work that he could never finish. But she also kind of got stuck with indy because of her not trusting him with the precious medallion which will eventually lead them to the ark of the covenant. Though the villains like Tot and Belok. Are rather meh. They serve their purpose as being the psychotic nazis they need to be haha. There are so many iconic moments like indy shooting the man with the sword instead of fighting him in his annoyance with the whole situation around him. Indy falling in front of a cobra and fear rushes into his eyes. Indy riding a horse to catch up to the truck with the ark in it and basically being dragged around on the floor behind it. The insanely iconic opening scene of him stealing the idol. Nazi's faces melting. SO MANY MOMENTS. So good. This time around I saw how well shot some of the stills are. The framing is masterful! The action is so well paced it got me asking if harrison was ok or not. The soundtrack is practically downloaded into my brain because of the countless hours playing Lego indiana jones when I was little. All in all. Ite friggin Indiana Jones. C'mon you gotta love it!

This Mark's the beginning of my "Summer Movies 2021" List. Look forward to more in depth reviews very soon y'all!

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