Unhinged ★★★½

Maybe it's the fact that it's the first new release I've seen in the cinema since March, but I thought this film was fun as hell. You've never seen Russell Crowe like this before, and not just because he's piled on the pounds. He's like a sort of vehicular Michael Myers powered by road rage as he hunts down a woman who is a bit rude to him at a red light.

It tries to add some social commentary on how people are supposedly getting angrier because of feeling disenfranchised or everyone being too caught up in technology or some shit, which never really takes off, when instead it should have perhaps leant into the fact that Crowe's nutjob is more of an incel who appears to blame women as a whole for his misfortunes. It's also far-fetched, and the ending to a film like this always feels really predictable.

Despite this though, I was engrossed throughout. It's well-made, switch off your brain type food to enjoy along with a (socially distanced) audience. It's fast, funny (sometimes unintentionally so, which only improves the experience), and has some nasty B-movie type violence that is brilliantly effective. Riotously entertaining stuff.

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