The Terminator

The Terminator ★★★★★

The chance to see this on the big screen in a double-bill with Judgement Day was too juicy of one to pass up, as both are important films from my childhood, the first 'grown up' films I was really allowed to watch.

The quintessential chase film may feel rough around the edges in places in comparison to the polished visuals of today, but it's all part of the charm, which in part goes some way to remind us why we keep revisiting James Cameron's iconic science-fiction thriller. Give a big man a big gun, and you can tell an exhilarating story that keeps you on the edge of the seat and gets the imagination racing, because at its heart The Terminator is a very simple film beneath its groundbreaking (for the time) prosthetics and Harryhausen-esque effects.

After all, why do we keep coming back? It's to see Schwarzenegger drive head first into a police station and unleash pure, unfeeling hell as a human battering ram. Pure simplicity. And it's fucking stunning.

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