Weekend ★★★★½

I remembered how emotional this film made me when I first saw it, but I didn't realize how unapologetic it was.

As someone who identifies as gay, I hardly get to see my kind of love and sex prominently featured in a film without someone worried that someone who isn't gay might be put off by it. This film knows its audience and it does not care. There was a very prominent point where this guy is telling a very disgusting, explicit story about fisting a woman and other people are expected to just take it normally, but if someone were to just talk about having sex with someone of the same sex, then they're the disgusting ones, which the two are hardly on the same length. (Maybe it depends on the detail.)

It's an honest film. There isn't some coming out story or major tragedy. A lot of gay people meet each other through sloppy hook ups. Some do drugs openly. Some have internalized homophobia. Some are terrified of commitment. They want to fall in love. Gay relationships are shitty.

This is when it gets personal, but the film always just kills me. It feels so relatable. So many times I've almost made it with some guy and then he has found a way. Granted, it's not the extremes that happen in this movie, but it's always something. Sure, I like hooking up as much as the next guy, but I want something more substantial, you know? So this film kills me because I relate a tad. Granted, these characters are too complex to say I'm just like either of them, but they have both characteristics I identify with.

It's just a beautiful film. I wish more queer films more interested in honesty of things like this (and Tangerine.)

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