Divine Intervention ★★★½

I admire this movie more than I think I really enjoy it - using comedy as such a barbed political tool to help claim some sense of identity for a culture that has been stripped of it is compelling, and the movie is frequently, wonderfully, absurdly hilarious.

Where it falters for me is in the more focused mundanity, and in my own lack of knowledge on the cultural/political/historical background that Suleiman is navigating with the story. So much of the movie is clearly coded, politicized barbs, segmented skits ala Roy Andersson but with a much more chaotic, angry, and crass tone beneath them. Not everything worked for me because of that, but when the movie goes off it really goes off. I feel like revisiting this with an open mind and fuller understanding of what Suleiman is going for will make me appreciate it a lot more.

Still, whether this is an exercise in mind-numbing tedium or brazen camp, it is always interesting and it is always challenging. That alone is enough for me to appreciate the movie, even if so much of it failed to connect with me.

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