Huge fan of Horror and Sci-fi. Favourite film directors include John Carpenter, David Lynch, Ari Aster, Mike Flanagan.

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  • Polaroid



    Here we go again. Another film I had to turn off halfway through because it was so fucking predictable, stupid and not even remotely scary. Man, I've got to stop watching shitty films on Netflix!

  • Orphan



    Isabelle Fuhrman, who plays the orphan, is so good at being sympathetic and completely fucking evil simultaneously that she kept me from turning it off about an hour into it. This a ludicrous film that just about stays on the right side of good. Over 2 hours was way, way too long though.

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  • The Resort

    The Resort


    Even at less than 80 minutes this film feels about an hour too long. With a woeful script, direction and acting, lots of exposition dumps, continuity errors, terrible editing, awful music and poor sound quality. Half a star for some hilariously stupid gore though. Oh god, this was utter, utter shite 👎

  • The Dead Center

    The Dead Center


    Knowing that Shane Carruth was the leading man in this, I was expecting something akin to his own surreal, eclectic arthouse, sci-fi type of films I'm used to him being connected with. Well colour me surprised! What I got instead was an excellent, bordering on mainstream, good old fashioned horror film. This kept me hooked throughout. The use of sound at times was very creepy and some of the imagery was genuinely disturbing. Yeah I really enjoyed this...