Promising Young Woman

i don't know how i feel about this, in pure honesty. i understand the intentions, i understand the choices, i just simply don't know. i can say that i liked carey's performance and the soundtrack. that's all i'm certain on.

UPDATE: i truly can't give this a rating, even after sitting with it for a while. this is a very conflicting movie for me. there's just so much i wish that it had been. i was definitely disappointed. the ending still doesn't sit right with me and threw the purpose of a "sweet revenge thriller" like this out the window. i wish there was just more to it, but 'promising young woman' is more false promises via marketing than anything else.

there could've been so much more done with the aesthetic and this sickly sweet, femme fatale type of vibe with hot pinks and this early 2000's feel. instead, it falls flat. the ending throws it all off imo, but carey manages to be captivating enough to keep going. it didn't really feel like a thriller till the very end, but even then, i don't want to sing praises for its ending. it doesn't sit right with me, and no amount of rewatching ever will. and i have no intentions to rewatch this.

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