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  • Just Walk Naked!

    Just Walk Naked!

    Reminded me a bit of Iosselliani's There once was a singing blackbird. Extremely charming and a real eye and ear for conversations between foolish men and far more mature women.

  • Yokohama BJ Blues

    Yokohama BJ Blues


    Feels like a record you randomly put on late at night and it just makes the whole night perfect and memorable.

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  • Millennium Mambo

    Millennium Mambo


    The title suggests a dance and indeed Hou's film unravels much like one. Rather than adhering to chronology or traditional plot progression, Mill Mambo's scenes with their repetition and mirroring unfold like a series of graceful dance steps that collectively capture the frenzied ecstasy as well as the trembling uncertainty that marks the terminus of youth as well as the end of a century. This carefully choreographed structure is perfectly complemented by the techno score that runs throughout the film…

  • Stray Dogs

    Stray Dogs


    A perfect culmination of all the themes, motifs and styles that have inhabited Tsai's films throughout. This is kind of a dream film for a Tsai fan combining Lee Kang-Sheng, leaky buildings, lonesome alienated people wandering around silently with some of the shifts that came with Visage - the ever longer takes and the switch to even less of a focus on narrative and something more akin to filming of performance art. Which reminds me that I need to rewatch…