Love Exposure

Love Exposure ★★★★★

I’ve never written about a film before but this film has impacted me in a way I need to put into words.

Love Exposure truly encapsulates what it means to love like no other film does. It shows every dark and self destructive form of love, from perversion to obsession and takes a cast of liars, hypocrites and perverts, and somehow makes each of them feel likeable and human. Despite what flaws a person may have, and however dark and depraved, everyone has the capacity to love and this film portrays that perfectly. 

The style and editing alone is enough to justify its 4 hour long runtime, but it’s this style and editing that creates the perfect backdrop for these characters to carry out their obscene actions fuelled by love and desire. Themes of religion and forgiveness are also entwined with its portrayal of love and are core to this films brilliance. 

All of this culminates in a final act that rounds this film off perfectly and makes it one of the greatest drama epics I’ve ever seen. This film is truly one of a kind.

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