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  • Observe and Report

    Observe and Report


    Miraculous movie. Where is Anna Faris's Academy Award?

    "Fuck you, Saddam Hussein of Iraq."

    Even if it wasn't consistently hilarious, it would still be worthwhile as the very best movie to ever portray the psyche of a very particular breed of white male sociopath drawn to police work.

  • About Endlessness

    About Endlessness

    Back at the cinema, baby! First time in fourteen months. Got myself a hot dog, a popcorn AND a soda. I went off. Had to. Thank you Laemmle, thank you Magnolia Films, thank you Master Andersson and fuck you, Svenker Olsson!

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  • The Lives of Others

    The Lives of Others


    True story:

    When this film first came out, I was in a long distance relationship and we decided to see showings of it at the same time in our separate cities as a "movie date" and call each other after to talk. I hated the film so much, I walked out after 40 minutes and patiently waited another two before calling. When I did, my girlfriend answered the phone sobbing, having been completely emotionally shattered by it. In fact, she…

  • Take the Money and Run

    Take the Money and Run


    I once won a bunch of money on a game show by debating this was the funniest movie of all time. See?