• Belle


    the first time we interacted online was of no consequence. she was simply herself. i was intimidated by her, being of an experience completely alien to my own. i viewed her from afar, believing her something i would never comprehend.

    through chance, we made actual contact. i asked for her experience and she graciously opened herself to me.

    i realized it was not so foreign to me after all.

    in fact, i began to wonder if there was more we…

  • The Matrix Reloaded

    The Matrix Reloaded

    Biblical text is the true sacrilege. The powerful give us the illusion of choice. Our faith in our messiahs blinds us from collective organization.

    Free will is the spoon.

  • Spirited Away

    Spirited Away


    "I knew you were good."

    Miyazaki is the last filmmaker to make movies that are actually for children. Not for families or stunted adults but *for* children. They are conversations with our betters. He wants to tell us something, whether we are willing to listen or not.

    He tells them what I wish I could tell my future kids too.

    That there is beauty in the natural world. That it's been ravaged by systems of labor and greed. That rivers…

  • The Matrix

    The Matrix

    ppl saw how they dress in this movie and thought "nah this isn't gay"

  • Shanghai Express

    Shanghai Express

    marlene dietrich and anna may wong didn't kiss the whole movie and i still loved it

  • King Richard

    King Richard

    why did venus, the larger of the two, simply not eat the other one

  • Dune


    villeneuve's stoic, self-serious tone finally finds a well-earned match in herbert's messianic prose, crafting a hollywood epic that manages to have scope, texture, rhythm, and even a liquid intangibility. i've hated on villeneuve before but god help me i vibed hard with this.

    p.s. chalamet actually makes a really good atreides. capitalizes on the foppish, boyish inexperience of his appearance while also treating paul as a genuine emo weirdo who could not be less interested in his prophetic calling. ferguson maybe mvp. loved every time stephen mckinley henderson appeared on screen. zendaya pretty.

  • My Hero Academia: World Heroes' Mission

    My Hero Academia: World Heroes' Mission

    a superhero movie where the villain is touting the superhero equivalent of the great replacement theory and then gets punched a lot. good time.

  • Dave Chappelle: The Closer

    Dave Chappelle: The Closer

    So here's a fun fact: I had never seen a Dave Chappelle special before tonight. I had never seen Dave Chappelle's Block Party, I've never seen an episode of his show. I'd only seen a YouTube clip of that "Blind Racist" sketch some years ago and that's about it. So when I decided to watch this for some incomprehensible reason, I thought that it would be a situation where I'd have to admit that his craft and delivery as a…

  • Venom


    plenty of criticisms you can give this movie but it features big titty venom smooching tom hardy soooo they're all moot by that point

  • The Empty Man

    The Empty Man

    you can take the blue pill or the red pill

    either way, you lose

  • Cry Macho

    Cry Macho

    clint is just horny for latin women and like that's fine write your self-insert fantasies long as they don't hurt anyone it's chill