• Videodrome



    “Long live the new flesh.”

    Cronenberg’s most genius film, by far. Videodrome is deeply prophetic, much like Sidney Lumet’s Network was, in predicting the mass brainwashing and desensitization to sex, violence, and depravity through our television screens. Videodrome is an extremely metaphorical and disturbing experience, revealing the truths of our inner nature and how our exposure to so much false depravity affects the way we view the world, and how we live our lives. When talking about Cronenberg, the first thing you…

  • Sleep Has Her House

    Sleep Has Her House


    If I want to watch something as glacially slow as Sleep Has Her House is I’d just watch something from Bresson or Tarr, where there’s, um, actually CHARACTERS and depth behind what I’m seeing on screen instead of a bunch of dark shots of a forest. How can this even pass as horror? I guess if you’re afraid of the woods, sure, but this is one of the most disappointing watches I’ve had in a while. I rode the hype…

  • Cat Soup

    Cat Soup

    u w u  d e a d  w o r l d

  • Spasmo



    A very solid and dizzying giallo that pays off with it’s constant twists and turns, and the proto-Lynchian atmosphere that makes the entire thing feel like a fever dream. Shoutout to Screening Notes for the spontaneous inspiration to watch this, and read his (far more comprehensive) review as well.

  • Dragon Inn

    Dragon Inn


    Another masterful Wuxia by King Hu. Wasn’t really convinced until the second half but once shit got going I couldn’t stop watching. I love these elegantly choreographed sword fights and brawls so this was a perfect treat. Maybe my favorite from Hu so far, it’s difficult to say because Dragon Inn, Legend of the Mountain and A Touch of Zen are all wonderful films that I can’t really distinguish from each other in terms of quality. Although still beautiful and…

  • City of God

    City of God


    How the hood eats itself. City of God is a masterclass in editing, directing, and storytelling. It’s a riveting story about no matter how perfect you try to execute the life of crime, the only way of making it out alive is steering clear. If you’re too nice, you’ll be taken advantage of and passed by. If you’re too arrogant, you’ll get too engulfed in your ego to see things clearly and get taken out when you least expect it.…

  • The First Purge

    The First Purge


    What happens when your first experimental purge doesn’t create as much violence as you expected? You incite violence! Just like in real life!

  • The Purge: Election Year

    The Purge: Election Year


    Maybe I’m just drunk on this Purge binge, but this one was actually good??? The social commentary is (almost) fully realized here and not half baked like the last two films, there aren’t any shitty characters to drag the film down, and Frank Grillo goes even more badass than he did in the previous film, protecting a political figure trying to put an end to the purge at all costs. Election Year is constantly thrilling and interesting, with characters you…

  • The Purge: Anarchy

    The Purge: Anarchy


    God I hate the 1%.

  • The Purge

    The Purge


    Pretty hilarious how this shitty horror movie that I saw when I was 12 turned out to be an eerily accurate social commentary on how far off the deep end government will go to preserve their class divide and well of prosperity and power. The Purge still sucks though, every plot choice is poorly conceived and none of the horror is executed better than mediocrely. The acting is terrible although Ethan Hawke and Cersei try, and there’s only one redeemable character in the whole film who’s only used as a plot device. For a film so prophetic, this should really be left in the past.

  • Cat Sick Blues

    Cat Sick Blues


    For all you psycho-sexual, sadomasochistic sociopaths out there that also happen to be cat lovers, this is the film for you. If not? Probably stay far, far away.

    I think I accidentally traumatized my girlfriend with this one, we both went in totally blind and she said if she had a time machine that she would go back and time and stop us from watching this. Maybe not a great date movie, I liked it though. Cried at the end.

  • Cruella



    Cruella is too entertaining to call it bad, yet I found this film mostly distasteful, disgraceful, and morally abhorrent. Why should we feel empathy with a completely despicable character who only hurts people with her actions? Because of her tragic backstory? Give me a fucking break. Cruella sucks, the Baroness sucks, these are just two shitty people trying to one-up eachother for over 2 hours. Why was this entertaining you may ask? Bombastic directing and some clever writing choices, and that’s all. Fuck this movie for being so fun, because the heart of it is truly disgusting. And the ending? Just fuck off.