Beyond Lemuria

Beyond Lemuria ★★★★½

Esoteric Magick! Occult roots! Annunaki DNA! Giants in Hollow Earth! Lost continents! Ancient nuclear wars! Tartarian architecture! Dante’s inferno! LEMURIANS UNDER MT. SHASTA!!!! Do you REALLY think this film would’ve been made if not true…cmon now. The greatest bad movie of all time, or…the worst masterpiece ever made? It’s hard to tell. I need to rewatch The Holy Mountain now.

“I’m more ancient than you. Someday I will engulf the solar system. What was and what will be is meaningless. Meanwhile, you should wonder - are you just a two headed pile of meat on a crash course with the cosmic dump? Or do you contain the soul memory of a million dead stars? How you do you light a candle without a match?” - AT quote

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