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  • The Devil's Rejects
  • Don't Hug Me I'm Scared 2
  • Don't Hug Me I'm Scared 3
  • Donnie Darko

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  • Charlie and the Chocolate Factory


  • Trauma


  • Malignant


  • House on Haunted Hill


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  • Ed Wood

    Ed Wood


    This is the one. This is the one I'll be remembered for.

    I have never felt more seen.

    Ed Wood speaks to a distinct drive: the implacable need to express, the inimitable high of creation and the often contradictory relationship between the outsider artist and the audience. Somewhere between love and spite; a bitter insecurity and self-awareness superseded by passion and a healthy dose of unwarranted ego!

    I am an artist in a world that does not incentivize art, where…

  • Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me

    Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me


    Laura is the one.

    Laura Palmer as a character began life as quite literally the ultimate victim; a symbol of innocence cut down too soon, a vehicle to tell other stories, a motivation for drama and nothing more. This is a common thing in fiction: dead women who serve as blank slates for the audience to project their own tragedies onto, serving to easily get us into the heads of their survivors (usually men) because of an implied understanding, a…

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  • Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

    Charlie and the Chocolate Factory


    You smell like old people and soap! I like it.

    Burton's gorgeous CGI hellscape, following an eccentric capitalist driven by daddy issues (maybe the ultimate Burton protagonist) as he enslaves a race of people in order to cut down on labor costs and hold onto his intellectual property, apathetically murders a group of children, and then passes his riches onto a little kid because if you just believe in yourself and have a pure heart that's what you get babyyyy!…

  • 4:44 Last Day on Earth

    4:44 Last Day on Earth

    That lump in the back of your throat, inevitability of the end giving way to unending banality. A brutal kick to the nose, bleeding profusely and staring upwards into the green glow. You may not like it but this is your life, this is what you chose and this is all that it is and all it will ever be.

    We're already angels.

    I've been thinking about death a lot, not helped by today's news of Nwoye's passing, which I…

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  • Annette



    Something of a Rorschach test: a fairly straightforward narrative with broad and legible themes complicated by Carax's various idiosyncrasies and trademark post-Motors fixation on what it means to make art for an audience. If Holy Motors was Carax's tribute to the human body in motion and early cinema's limitation to the contained scene, Annette is his exploration of the film industry's mid-20th century foundational canon of romantic movies, and where that places us as the 21st century moves forward but…

  • Spider-Man 3

    Spider-Man 3


    Now dig on this.

    With Spider-Man 3, and Raimi's trilogy in general, it may seem as though my opinion on them has changed in recent years, but it's actually more so that I've finally formed my own opinion, divorced from the consensus, and learned to be confident in myself.

    Case in point: watching 3 without its widely accepted "problems" in mind reveals an entirely different film, an utterly relentless character study masquerading as a studio driven mess. Which isn't to…