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Top 4 are the last “new to me” films I rated 5 stars

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  • Viva Zapata!

    Viva Zapata!


    Watched to determine the true Best Picture of 1952

    Even though his performance never devolves into stereotypes, it’s still uncomfortable to watch Marlon Brando play a Mexican revolutionary. He’s very good here, but it’s still distracting.

    What I originally liked about this film, is that it’s not a typical 1950’s epic. With a script by John Steinbeck and direction by Elia Kazan, it’s a quiet and thought provoking picture. However, by the end of the picture & when you look at…

  • Time



    Fox Rich reminds me of a sign that’s in front of a church on my street that says “relentlessly hopeful”. She’s an inspiration and a rock star.

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  • Drunken Angel

    Drunken Angel


    Several things to enjoy here, but the use of tuberculosis, and scummy/polluted water, to symbolize the effects the yakuza have on the citizens of the community, was definitely my favorite.

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  • The Father

    The Father


    Heartbreaking look at aging and memory loss. Filmed in a disjointed and confusing manner, to give us just the slightest idea what Anthony (Anthony Hopkins) is living with. Hopkins brilliantly captures how terrifying it would be to lose control of your life as you get older. Even during moments when his fear turns to cruelty, Hopkins plays it so humanely that we have sympathy for him. And Olivia Colman deftly displays the frustration becoming the parent to your parent can incite within you. 
    Definitely one of the best of the year 

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