A Ghost Story

A Ghost Story ★★★½

A ghost story is a movie about death, time and not being able to let go. It explores the regular question we humans ask ourselves “what is the meaning of life?” and the protagonist, that´s dressed as a child´s Halloween ghost costume, is searching for this meaning, his memories & past life.
The movie takes this ghost´s point of view and show the audience how things can change in a matter of seconds. The audience feels these changes every scene yet, for the ghost, it feels like an eternity. Personally, I think it’s a truly sad movie and also feels kind of nostalgic looking back at things and seeing that they are not how they were used to be. This movie also shows what death do to people around you, how sometimes the memory of someone is just unbearable and its easier to walk away than stay there, in a house full of lost memories and stories.
Im most certain this movie will impact you somehow, in a way no other movie does.