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  • Relic



    Without a doubt, Relic is my favorite 2020 movie and here´s why.

    I´ve seen a lot of horror movies through my entire life and none of them would stand a chance to this movie because of how real and heartbreaking it is. This film explores dementia and Alzheimer’s disease in a very creepy & realistic way. The way Natalie Erika James (director) portrays this illness and shows how one of or main characters is slowly losing her mind until there´s nothing…

  • Anything for Jackson

    Anything for Jackson

    First of all, tried to watch this movie without expectations like I usually do…Lets be honest “Anything for Jackson” isn´t a good-horror catchy name but damn…. Glad to say I’m pretty impressed.
    Something that captured my attention was the huge ‘Hereditary’ vibes (Ari Aster’s movie). Why? Well, a grieving couple (in this case) that tries to bring back their beloved lost grandchild vs a grieving mother that tries to contact her dead daughter (Hereditary).

    Without major spoilers I do like…

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  • Swallow



    I must say, Hayley Bennet (Lowkey- Jennifer Lawrence´s clone) really impressed everyone with her performance (Hands down, her best performance so far).
    Swallow is a sad and complex movie that explores mental health issues, abuse and how the people around you affects/influences your whole being to the point where you don´t seem to know the limits or how far you could go doing something like this just to feel in control or appreciated (people in the movie often ignore our…

  • Doctor Sleep

    Doctor Sleep


    Im not gonna lie & and I hope Im not the only one...The first time I saw Rose the Hat (and since Mike Flanagan is the director) I thought for second that the actress was the same as the HillHouse mother (Carla Gugino/ Olivia Crain).
    When I realized it wasn´t her....I kinda wished it was.
    Loved the movie tho, one of my 2019 favs.