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  • Tetsuo: The Iron Man
  • The Handmaiden
  • Branded to Kill
  • The Great Satan

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  • Hatchet


  • Annabelle Comes Home


  • In the Trap


  • Mirror Mirror


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  • Hatchet



    being as faceblind as i am deprives me of at least half of the fun this movie has to offer because the cameos are all completely lost on me, which means i have only the gore and the writing to enjoy.

    the writing is trash.

    the gore is gross.

    given the swagger of the film's taglines, Hatchet feels like a pretty cringey disappointment to me.

  • Annabelle Comes Home

    Annabelle Comes Home


    yeah, i think this is one of the bland Conjuring-verse movies.

    i don't have much to say about it, i guess.

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  • Misogynist



    when this review was initially written, there were only three other reviews of Misogynist on Letterboxd. they were all dismissive takes by people with masculine names, largely seeming to suggest that this piece of art shouldn't have been made (let women talk) or has been made incorrectly (the graphic abuse is unnecessary; the women aren't sufficiently powerful). it behooved me, i felt, to do a little better.

    i reject out of hand that artists should make correct art, rather that…

  • I Am Dragon

    I Am Dragon


    i was worried about this one, but Miroslava immediately proves herself resourceful and driven. and then she’s just that for the rest of the film. there’s only so bad a fairy tail adaptation can be when it has the good sense to make its heroine clever and brave.

    Miroslava turns out to be a 32-year-old Russian woman in a teen body and she is my hero.

    furthermore, her asocial dragon boy is nigh constantly seminude and is extremely nice to…