Shaun of the Dead

Shaun of the Dead ★★★★★

Yeah, if your only options are Sign O' The Times, Purple Rain and Batman you're definitely going to use Batman as a weapon, but surely you've got worse albums than Batman to toss at zombies? It's really not that bad of an album. Of course when you compare it to the gargantuan success of every other Prince release in the 80s it is going to feel slight, but it has some moments of Prince's musical genius spread throughout. Partyman is exactly the type of track that gets everyone on the dancefloor moving and Batdance is so schlocky and fun that I don't see how anyone can hate it. Many would see Batman as the first chink in Prince's armor and he'd never return to the glory he had throughout the rest of that decade. I fully disagree considering the heights he'd reach on The Gold Experience and The Rainbow Children respectively. I understand tossing Batman when your other options are his two biggest contributions to the world of music, but it still saddens me that Shaun and Ed so carelessly tossed away a truly undervalued record. Perhaps, we all do crazy things when we're trying to survive.