Promising Young Woman

"In Promising Young Woman Carey Mulligan plays Cassie Thomas, a barista, and sometimes grim reaper of rapists. Despite this, there is rarely ever a moment where blood can be seen. This is a deliberate choice on behalf of director Emerald Fennell, and one that leaves me at a distance. Typically with the rape-revenge genre, as it was constructed and popularized in the 1970s, there would be an inciting moment, and a follow-through with eye for an eye violence. Fennell chooses to do away with this, and cuts away at the potential moment of bloodshed. This is characteristic of horror movies in the past ten years whose squeamishness at the messier parts of genre rob the intellectual pursuit of sequences and images to bank upon. Even on a level of form Fennell does away with jagged edges and presents something like a candy-coloured backdrop of instagram worthy brightness and cleanliness that I found alienating. Mulligan’s performance is rough-hewn and numb with the slightest hints of shame at her own actions, but Fennell’s camera is comfortable to sit in wider images and roam in perfectly cozy spaces that are too beautiful for a movie about a topic where cleanliness is unimaginable."

I was mixed on "Promising Young Woman".
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