Night of the Living Dead

Night of the Living Dead ★★★★½

Prescient & downright discouraging that in the wake of a national crisis we submit to a police state that still ultimately buries the other in the name of "peace". Whenever systems break down we build the same systems right back up. All of this is delivered under the guise of a Zombie narrative, but it is also the story of the United States of America for the last sixty years. The scariest thing in this movie is the fact that even if you survive an apocalypse you're still at the whims of our sociopolitical functions. Jump to 2017 and Jordan Peel's "Get Out". The most horrifying image in that movie is the red and blue of the police arriving on a crime scene where our hero cannot be seen as such in the lens of the police state. We know what those colours mean in America for black men & women. The Snake eats its tail. America is the walking corpse.

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