Avengers: Endgame

Avengers: Endgame ★½

"Avengers: Endgame is the culmination of this decade long story, feels longer, but as is the case with comic book narrative there’s little to no stakes. Big things happen, but they don’t have context, because they can easily be “fixed”. In the previous film Thanos wipes out billions of people on Earth and many more in other galaxies in order to curb things like over-population and human waste. A smarter filmmaker would have leaned into the fact that there’s deep connotations toward fixing global warming in Thanos’s plan which would have made this movie very timely and relevant, but it’s too uncomfortable of an idea for Disney to really engage with beyond a passing mention from Captain America (Chris Evans). It’s relegated to being Thanos’s side of the argument, but no one really gives it any weight or thought that he may have been right to do what he did, as evil as it was. This is largely gutless filmmaking, completely unwilling to grapple with the ending of the previous film in any significant way. Before even watching this movie you know that the heroes will save the day, they’ll reverse what Thanos has done, and things will be okay. For those with investment in these characters this is ultimately fine, but for the uninitiated it proposes some of the same problems as television where you need to watch so many installments to really understand everything from an emotional standpoint. But even then, having seen most of these movies, I find it hard to care about people so incredibly gifted with magnificent powers. They feel completely unreal to any notion of humanity. They’re supposed to be us at our absolute best, but their flaws are usually only temporary. Take for instance Thor (Chris Hemsworth) who struggles with depression in only the vaguest sense of the word after failing to save everyone from Thanos. He still cracks jokes, but now the jokes are about his insecurities. He’s still the same character despite the extreme “tell, don’t show” nature of his new appearance, complete with Big Lebowski makeover. It’s total wish-fulfillment, but it’s the broken and the damned that interest me, and heroes who have failed at this level of magnitude should be stricken with something more sinister than bed head and hangovers."

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