Tenet ★★★★

A Short PSA: Yes, I went to see this movie in a theater. But if you're gonna do something stupid, do it right. If the parking lot was full, I wasn't going. It wasn't. I did the whole experience by not buying my tickets online. I sat clear across the way from anyone in the small audience. I wore my mask the entire time and tried to keep it on. End PSA.

Ten years ago, I was a film student when I saw Inception . I saw it again the next night and was changed by that experience. It was a gorgeous film with a lush production design, breathtaking cinematography and an idea as enthralling as the action scenes. Also, it had a great cast with Tom Hardy standing out.

Ten years later, I'm older, hopefully wiser, and left puzzled over Tenet . The latest from Christopher Nolan has big ideas, a more mute color palette, haptic cinematography, and a film put together that some would call sloppy.

As for the cast, John David Washington is a fresh breath of air for these Nolan movies where the leads take themselves so seriously. Robert Pattinson still carries his charm. Kenneth Branagh is back to his shouting shennanigans and Dimple Kapadia is a brand new actor to keep my eye out for. Also, Elizabeth Debicki is really good. I didn't realize she was that tall. I don't mean anything by it, I just noticed it.

I feel like with any of Noaln film, the first viewing is not necessarily the last viewing. I've seen Interstellar three times in a theater and Dunkirk twice. While I have my issues with the content, their is nothing like seeing a real 747 run head on into a building or see a car chase played from both sides. It's great to be back in the movie theaters.

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