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  • Stickfighter



    This unseen gem is amazing. I don't know how or why this vanished from cinematic history, but it's a real shame. It falls firmly into that sweet spot between legitimately solid action film and odd passion project. It's awkward in every way, and in all the right ways.

    But let's start with star and writer Kely McClung as DEA agent John Lambert. McClung is exactly what you want in this role: a guy with quality martial arts skills and a…

  • Attack of the Beast Creatures

    Attack of the Beast Creatures


    My luck with tiny monster movies has been great lately!

    Attack of the Beast Creatures is populated completely by people who only appeared in Attack of the Beast Creatures. Written, directed, edited and produced by people who only worked on Attack of the Beast Creatures. It appears to be a pure, uncut labor of love...and I love it for that.

    The story's simple. Castaways from the shipwreck Obelisk wash ashore on an island that is infested with tiny little dolls…

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  • Thunder Alley

    Thunder Alley


    Richie, a kid from the sticks with guitar talent and...not really much of a dream, ends up playing in a friend's band just as they start a rise toward local, maybe even regional, stardom. But will he be able to deal with an egotistical frontman, shifty management, the lure of those 80's drinks and 80's ladies and still keep his heart where it belongs...on his girl? And the music?

    You've seen a movie before? You know almost see how this…

  • Conquest



    I'm not a huge fan of pure fantasy like this, but I've seen passable examples of it. Even with Yuri from Werewolf as one of our protagonists, this thing is about as generic and unengaging as they come.

    I've cut Fulci movies some slack in the past, despite not liking them, because he tends to capture an image in a stylish way. I guess shooting an entire film through eight layers of cheesecloth, with twenty smoke machines on high, is…

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  • Ghostbusters



    105 minutes extremely well spent.

    And the first soundtrack I physically wore out.

  • Akira



    If I'd seen this in 1988, this would have wrecked my brain...in a time when the animation around me seemed to be mostly 30 minute commercials for toys or mindless after school entertainment.

    Seeing it for the first time in 2021, it's still incredibly impressive, both from a technical standpoint and for the story it's telling. It's probably lost a bit of its punch, but there's greatness to be recognized here.

    Greatness which does not require a remake, live-action or otherwise.