Avengers: Endgame ★★★½

one part of this movie that pisses me off is when carol first brings tony and nebula back to the avengers compound, and tony has the nerve to say to steve that “you werent there for me when i needed you.”
GODDDDDDD the anger i felt towards tony in that moment. you were a bitch to steve in the past, so like what did you want him to do, fly out into space when steve was busy fighting in wakanda??? plus tony KNOWS how much that would hurt steve because he knows how steve is always wanting to help others before himself. like the look on steve’s face.......aint NO BODY gonna hurt my baby like that and get away with it. jesus bro tony is trying to come at steve like that made me so mad. i dont even care if he was delirious from being in space or whatever, tony is a douchebag. good riddance :)

also ps - this is me officially coming out as a toni anti

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