Wrath of Man

Wrath of Man ★★★★½

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Damn, Man! This was so freaking awesome, I just loved it so much. I wasn't expecting to be that good when I tried the trailer some months ago, it felt kind of flat on it but now seeing it I can truly said this was a great thrilling movie. Guy Ritchie and Jason Statham, you're the Men!

I notice the regular rating of this movie, but for me it was quite close for perfection, after all, it has many of elements I find fascinating in a movie of this kind.

First of all, it's a Guy Ritchie's movie, and although it doesn't feel like one of his, except for the crime concept, intrigue story and also for having Statham as the lead, well, somehow it feels very different from the rest of his movies, that might be an upgrade to his style to accomplished more substance and look on them.

Maybe if it was set in London, it would had felt more like one of his movies. This take me to a second element on this movie I liked so much, the story takes part in Los Angeles, and it's about a crime, some gangsters in that city but most of all, an impressive and so exciting heist. That's an element I like seeing in movies that are set in La La Land, movies like 'Point Break' or 'Heat', specially this last one, it's one of my favorites so seeing the resemblance on 'Wrath of Man' got me right from the beginning.

Other elements were the cinematography and musical score ...once again, damn, Man! They were so good, they inject such a powerful look and feel to the movie, such a fabulous mood for this story.

And finally, the story ...no spoilers but it was so thrilling but mostly brutal with its violence and diverse characters involved, also the acting was also very significant.

I really need to re-watch this, it was great!

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