Game Night

Game Night ★★★★

Game night is, first and foremost, hilarious. That is manages to be surprising, and to fit in a story about jealousy and feelings of inadequacy is a welcome bonus, but a comedy, without...ya know...humor is dead in its tracks.

The cast is a real embarrassment of riches. Jason Bateman and Rachel McAdams are great as the central couple, with Kyle Chandler oozing smarmy charm as the hyper-successful brother of Bateman's character. That's to say nothing of Jesse Plemons, who steals the show as a socially awkward neighbor. His is one of my favorite comedic performances in years.

The plot is a bit twisty, so I'll let you discover that for yourself without my ruining it for you. I will say I found it pretty refreshing to watch a comedy that doesn't really question whether the primary couple is or isn't going to stay together. Instead, it's more concerned with the idea of keeping up with the Joneses and the pressures of (relatively new) adulthood.

Game Night is an absolute pleasure to watch. It's exciting, extremely funny, and just the right amount of meaningful. Highly recommended.