Seaspiracy ★★★★

After watching this my wife and I have decided to give up eating fish. It’s not often a film has that sort of impact on me. This is a brutal, thought-provoking watch that makes you question how we’re ever going to survive any of these threats facing our over-populated planet. It’s far from perfect though, the style is far too YouTube for me (although that’s to be expected for a filmmaker under 25!) and it’s a bit too preachy in places; personally I could have done without the whole ‘a life is a life’ bit near the end - I was already convinced without this turn into ‘fish have feelings too’ nonsense. I’m honest with myself that it’s ok for us to be carnivores - I won’t be guilt tripped for something that’s pretty natural to humans; if there were enough fish in the sea, I’ll eat them with no remorse. But there’s not and so many non-food sea creatures (including intelligent species like dolphins and whales) are being butchered and the ocean flood ruined by our horrific mass-industry fishing practices. It needs to stop and this film does a good job as a wake up call to that fact. I hope it reaches as many people as possible and has a real impact on how we act as a species because seriously, something must change.

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