Eliecer has written 6 reviews for films during 2020.

  • Hero



    "[...] There are moments in football that are exclusively poetic: these are the moments of the "goal." Each goal is always both an invention and a subversion of codes: each goal is inexplicable, striking, stunning, and irreversible. Just like the poetic word. The top scorer in a league is always the best poet of the year (Francesco Trento, for instance). Dribbling is poetic as well, (though not always like scoring a goal). Indeed, every player dreams (together with every spectator)…

  • Inca Light

    Inca Light


    Watch it here (with English subtitles for Spanish parts): youtu.be/al2qQl_nM-0

  • 13th



    One hundred minutes without mentioning the determinant to almost everything it denounces, and that is capitalism. This is in keeping with Ava DuVernay's neoliberal ideology which has been expressed more blatantly elsewhere. Of all the talking heads interviewed only Angela Davis and Van Jones (formerly a Maoist) go beyond the limits set by its production. Davis does it by her mere presence which has long been an act of resistance and is now a triumph. Jones does it through the…

  • The Other Life
  • Richard Jewell

    Richard Jewell


    At the tender age of 89, avowed libertarian Clint Eastwood approaches anarcho-libertarianism, which makes this one of the dumbest films of his filmography. This is despite good and sometimes touching performances from all the leading actors involved. Too bad there probably isn’t enough time for Eastwood the artist to abandon the depth of his inculcation in liberal hegemonic ideology. For it is in the stubborn confrontation with the politically correct that recent Eastwood directed films find a liveliness. But it is honestly a case of the pot calling the kettle black, and even navel-gazing, that has already worn thin.

  • 1900



    There is to be no compromise with Fascism, it must be fought and ridiculed at every congregation and at every point of origin. And for that 1900 is something of a glitch in the grand film epic apparatus. A detournement, if you will, of the European auteur prestige film for which most critics reserve praise the more didactic (usually leftist) politics are subverted for the sake of the filmmaker's personal vision. There is an underlying moral message despite all the…