The Keep

The Keep ★★★★★

Either you "get" THE KEEP or you don't - this has nothing to do with comprehension (as the plot is almost impossible to fully understand), but of a very basic communication between kindred spirits. Either this film is on your heart's wavelength or it isn't, but I would hope that all film connoisseurs would be able to appreciate the massive effort required to create something unique. With such a completely tactile atmosphere (tactile in that you can practically feel it moving across your eyeballs), acting/dialogue/etc become somewhat irrelevant. That's where a lot of people dismiss THE KEEP, but I love the script and the people and the story and the bizarre-ness just as much as the mood. It is an experience that I move through in a trance. Atmospheric period piece with a doomed love story set in a war, with dashing leading men and a score that makes my heart swell? This is basically my GONE WITH THE WIND. This movie and I are soulmates.

As an aside, this might be a pretty good example of one of my guiding film-watching/film-writing/film-pondering principles: I don't like "bad" movies because their bad-ness makes them entertaining or mockable. I think there are movies 99% of people disregard as bad that deserved to be honored, loved, reappraised.

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