Tenet ★★½

2020 Ranking 

Robert Pattinson holding some Indian security guards at gunpoint as they terrifiedly eat dinner, Himesh Patel putting someone into a chokehold while talking about vegetarian options, Kenneth Branagh threatening to shove testicles down John David Washington's throat...if Nolan had been willing to edit around Tenet and go full on into comedy territory this could've been a masterpiece in that regard. Also the scene where Patz and JDW return to the plane heist sequence is genuinely awesome.

Unfortunately these scenes are far and few in between, and outside of the aforementioned humorous moments much of the entertainment comes from how ludicrously convoluted the plot is and how clumsy the dialogue is (entertaining but not deliberately so). I feel bad for Elizabeth Debicki trying her darnedest to give some dramatic heft, but the po-faced seriousness of it all is just so boring. The sound mixing was definitely off especially in the third act, which by the way is so bland and confusing all at once. What are they shooting at? Who's where doing what?

Probably Nolan's horniest film, whether it's Pattinson sounding he wants to treat you like a steak every other line (not complaining), Debicki strutting up and down a ship deck flashing gratuitous leg (definitely not complaining), or Washington flexing his biceps for absolutely no reason (definitely hope he gets another action film role soon by the way, he actually carries himself in action scenes really well).

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