1,000 Shapes of a Female

1,000 Shapes of a Female ★★

Nothing much happens in this rather staid nudie-cutie that masquerades as a documentary about an art impresario looking for new works for a gallery opening. Boho, coffee shop artists in Greenwich Village seek inspiration via the topless charms of nubile young women. Some artists look to recreate the style of the old masters while others look to modernism - of course nude women are never far away. A voiceover critiques the painting and the approach of the artists thereby giving the story the some semblance of plot between the nudes. Directed by Barry Mahon without much inspiration. It's more or less a one set operation with a static camera and some rough-and-ready acting. There's some bongo drum action thrown in and a rather tepid folk singer strums a couple of ditties including a decent attempt at "Wild Mountain Thyme".